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Company Backlog
  • Established : 8th March 1968
  • Capital : US$ 200K
  • Goal :
    -Marine/Navigation & GMDSS, VDR, S-VDR Equipment Selling
    -Marine/Navigation & GMDSS Equipment Service and Maintenance
    -Radio/VDR, S-VDR Inspection
  • Authorized
    -Sales & service agent of Western Marine Electronics Inc. in 1973
    -Sales & service agent of Anritsu Co.,Ltd in 1974
    -Sales & service agent of Kyoritsu Electric Co.,Ltd in 1974
    -Service agent of Furuno Electric Co.,Ltd in 1984
    -GMDSS service agent of Anritsu Co.,Ltd in 1994
    -GMDSS service agent of Tokimec Inc. in 2000
    VDR/S-VDR & GMDSS Sales & service agent of Highlander in 2005 & 2013
    VDR/S-VDR & BNWAS System Sale & service agent of Sealantern in 2009 & 2011
    VDR/S-VDR & BNWAS System Sale & service agent of AMI in 2011
  • Class Approval :
    -Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK) since 1972
    -Korean Register of Shipping (KR) since 1981
    -Bureau Vertias (BV) since 1st Jan. 1993
    -Germanischer Lloyd (GL) since 31st July 1993
    -American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) since 23rd Dec. 1993
    -China Corp. Register of Shipping (CR) since 12th July 1994
    -Panama Bureau of Shipping (PBS) since 25th Oct. 1994
    -Det Norske Veritas (DNV) since 6th Dec. 1994
    -International Naval Surveys Bureau (INSB) since 27th Dec 2005

    -China Classification Society (CCS) Since in 14th Mar, 2014


Document Procedure
  • All incoming documents (purchaser orders, service request orders, inspection request orders …) are registered within one hour after received
    All documents are sent to relative person immediately after registered
  • After job was done, the report will be submitted to chief engineer or manager and will be filed as a record
  • Sending the relative report to reply customer’s request within one day after job finished
  • All service and inspection reports are kept for 3 years
  • All files are filed within one week with double checking to avoid non-conformities


Internal Quality and Tutored Training System

  • All chief engineers / radio inspectors are approved and qualified by several classification societies, carried out the GMDSS training courses by Anritsu, Hangenuk Vertrieds, Furuno and Tokimec, and Inmarsat (A/B/C/M) by Anritsu, Furuno and Tokimec and VDR, S-VDR by Highlander
  • Service engineers are qualified by Taiwan government approval institution
  • All chief engineers / radio inspectors are responsible to note and learn the newest SOLAS, ITU, IMO GMDSS & VDR, S-VDR regulations. Then teach to all service engineers.
  • All chief engineers / radio inspectors are responsible to join the training courses hold by society and qualified manufactory. Then teach to all service engineers




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